Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology
University of Isfahan
April 26, 2017
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The Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology in the University of Isfahan plays a significant role in fostering and managing research activities and developing research potentials of the university.
Making policies and providing the needed services to help the University achieve its major research goals, which are determined by the development plans of Iran, as well as promoting the national and international ranking of the University, are among the objectives of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology which are attainable through the cooperation of its subsidiary units.
Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology is responsible for providing scientific and technical guidelines for the development of research and technology.

Proposing and preparing different research bylaws, establishing academic links with universities inside and outside the country, cooperating in providing the society with scientific, cultural and social services through implementing applied research projects, holding scientific seminars and conferences, releasing scientific findings and monitoring all research affairs conducted within the University libraries and databases are part of the activities of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology. 
Date: 1393/06/05
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