Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology
University of Isfahan
November 17, 2019
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Office of Technology Affairs
Dr.Korosh hasanpour

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Aiming at promoting the University in the spheres of science and technology, the Office of Technology Affairs at the University of Isfahan is responsible for the following activities:

Following-up affairs related to the commercialization and marketing of technology products and drawing supports through holding exhibitions;
2. Expanding the transfer of technology from the University to industries with the aim of strengthening the commercialization process;
3. Promoting technological cooperation between universities and national and international research institutions;
4. Introducing the capabilities of the University of Isfahan in terms of conducting researches which have a potential for commercialization;
The following committees are contributing to the fulfillment of the above goals:
1. Energy Committee
2. Aerospace Committee
3. Information Technology Committee
4 . Nanotechnology Committee
5 . Stem Cells Committee
6 . Biotechnology Committee
7 . Water, Drought, Erosion and Environment Committee
8 . Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Committee
9 . Microelectronics Committee
Date: 1393/08/17
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