March 22, 2019
Faculty of Computer Engineering
/ Designing Automatic Systems Laboratory

Designing Automatic Systems Laboratory
This laboratory was established in 2013 and is now offering services to the department of Computer Architecture Engineering. The equipment available in this library include different types of FPGA boards, eight PCs and a video projector.
The aim of this laboratory is to familiarize students with hardware description languages and with using them to implement digital systems on FPGA. In this laboratory the steps of implementing a digital circuit on FPGA and the relevant practical notes are taught and students get familiar with the tools needed for simulating, synthetizing, implementing and debugging these circuits. The works order in this library is designed in the form of the following 10 experiments:
Experiment 1: Introduction to ISE software made by Xilinx Company and the implementation of VHDL code on FPGA
Experiment 2: installing push-buttons and LEDs on FPGA boards
Experiment 3: Introduction to issues of delay and clock frequency in FPGA
Experiment 4: Introduction to the CoreGenerator software and how to use Cores
Experiment 5: Introduction to Block RAMs and to reading and writing timing in them
Experiment 6: Introduction to FIFOs and how to use them
Experiment 7: Introduction to different levels of simulation: functional and Post Route Simulation
Experiment 8: Introduction to ChipScope software
Experiment 9: Introduction to embedded processors in FPGA MicroBlaze
Experiment 10: Implementation of embedded systems using FPGA

Date: 1394/07/25
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