Office of Industry Relations
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Friday, June 22, 2018
Responsibilities and Authorities
Responsibilities and Authorities
  •  Coordinating extra-university research projects aiming at fulfilling the needs of the country and society
  •  Informing the researchers of the University of the research priorities of industries and organizations
  •  Entering into contracts with administrative organizations and industries and supervising applied research projects
  • Signing Memorandums of Cooperation with major industries as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations with the aim of strengthening the University’s relations with industry and society
  • Following-up on the establishment of the University research units and supervising their activities in pursuance of making the relation between the researchers and the industry and society more specialized
  • Dispatching students to apprenticeship courses
  The research priorities of administrative agencies are available on the webpage of the Vice-Chancellor for Research/the Office of Industry Relations. The Office of Industry and Society Relations consists of the following sections:
Extra-University Research Projects
Research Units
Apprenticeship and Industry Visits
The Council of Industry Relations
Date: 1393/07/22
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