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Friday, June 22, 2018
Scientific and Research Potentials


The University of Isfahan, being the most comprehensive university in central Iran and benefiting from experienced researchers and extensive research facilities has considerable potentials in fulfilling the technical and research needs of industriesorganizations and other sectors of the society in the spheres of Humanities, Basic Sciences and Engineering.

  The presence of various major industries in Isfahan province and the variety of specialized disciplines in the University of Isfahan can play a major role in the establishment and continuation of the relations between the University, society and industry.
The Office of Industry and Society Relations has tried to present ,in this collection, a selection of the University’s scientific and research potentials for offering research and technological services to the industries and society. Further information is available on the management webpage.

Address: The Office of Industry and Society Relations, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Department, University of Isfahan, Azadi Roundabout, Isfahan
Date: 1393/07/22
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