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The Department of Koran and Hadith in the University of Isfahan was established in 2012 when the former Department of Theology was divided into the Department of Koran and Hadith Sciences and the Department of Islamic Philosophy and Kalam. The establishment of the Department of Theology dates back to 1992. There are currently eight faculty members working in the Department of Koran and Hadith Sciences and students are being admitted to B.A, M.A and PhD programs in Koran and Hadith Sciences and also to an M.A program in the Sciences and Techniques of Readings. The subdisciplines of the department include Koranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, Sciences and Techniques of Readings, Interpretation, Language of the Koran, Phonology, Semantics, Interdisciplinary Studies on the Koran and Modern Sciences.

Date: 1393/06/26
Review: 1157
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