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The department of Theology started its activities by establishing B.A programs in Teaching Theology and Islamic Thoughts in September 1990 and then developed its activities through launching new programs in Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic law, Koranic and Hadith Sciences and History and Civilization of Islamic Nations. Considering the department’s attitude to enhance the quality of its running programs, the B.A programs were decreased to two programs in Islamic Philosophy and Kalam and Koranic and Hadith Sciences and endeavors were focused on the longitudinal growth of the department through establishing M.A and PhD programs. The first members of this department were Dr. Asghar Montazerolghaem, Dr. Majid Sadeghi, Dr. Reza Shokrani and Dr. Mohsen Samadanian.
Due to the necessities of the time, the Department of Theology was divided into two independent departments of Islamic Philosophy and Kalam and Koranic and Hadith Sciences in 2011. Currently the Department of Islamic Philosophy and Kalam, admitting students to B.A , M.A and PhD programs, is running a B.A. program in Philosophy and Kalam, two M.A programs in Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Kalam and a PhD program in Transcendental Philosophy. The department is currently benefitting from nine faculty members.

Date: 1393/06/26
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