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This department was established in 1959 starting with a B.A program. An M.A program in Western Philosophy and another M.A program in the subdiscipline of Logic were launched in 1992 and 2000 respectively. Moreover, a PhD program in Western Philosophy was established in 2002. In the academic year of 2006-2007, 280 B.A students, 48 M.A students and 7 PhD students were studying in this department. The Department of Philosophy has always endeavored to educate students who are enthusiastic about thinking and contemplating to discover the theoretical foundations of sciences. This department has managed to provide the Islamic Society with prominent scientific and cultural figures like Sayyed Mohammad Khatami, the former Iranian President. The department has announced its capacity to admit PhD students in Greek Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy of the West and Islamic Philosophy and it is hoped that these subdisciplines can be launched through employing qualified faculty members.

Date: 1393/06/26
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