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History of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The department of Physical Education was established in the Faculty of Educational Sciences in 1975 in order to offer the general course of Physical Education. Dr. Alijanian was the first head of the department. The early members of this department were all from the Office of Physical Education. The first group of students majoring in Physical Education were admitted in 1983. Sayyed Esmail Mirramezani together with Mr. Dadfarnia , Dr. Taba’ian and Dr. Khayyambashi had a pivotal role in establishing the B.A program in Physical Education. Dr. Vahid Zolaktaf, Dr. Mohammad Soltan Hosseini, Dr. Gholamali Ghasemi and Mojtaba Totoni were among the first B.A students of the department who are now serving in this faculty. In 1990 the general permission was obtained from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to promote the Department to the Faculty of Physical Education. Mr. Masoud Naderian played an active role in this regard and it was thanks to his endeavor that the Department of Physical Education was transferred from the faculty of Educational Sciences to Shahid Bahramian Hall. The first M.A program in Physical Education and Sport Sciences was launched in the faculty in 1997. Masoud Nedrian was the Head of the Department and then the Dean of the Faculty in the period between 1990 to 1998.Considering the fact that the first postgraduate programs of the faculty were established during his period of office, he can be regarded as the founder of the postgraduate programs in Physical Education in the University of Isfahan.
Date: 1393/06/26
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