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This department was established in 1975 and its activities included holding educational classes for other departments of the University and improving technical features of the University libraries. It was in 1980s when thanks to the emergence of new cultural issues in the Iranian society, an Associate program in Library Science was launched and continued for a number of years in this department. And finally in 1996 the B.A program in Library and Information Science was launched in this department. Afterwards, the educational quality of the programs underwent some changes and books and articles began to be produced by the faculty members. The Master’s program in Library and Information Science was launched in 2006. The running programs of the Department of Knowledge and Information Science include Information Management and Academic Library Management.
Following the promotions of the faculty members of the department in the past ten years and the regular collaborations of the Vice Chancellor for Education and also the Director of the Planning Committee for Knowledge and Information Science in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the department was granted permission to launch a PhD program in Information Storage and Retrieval.
The Department of Knowledge and Information Science in the University of Isfahan was honored to receive a plaque of appreciation for its commitment to the improvement of Library Science. Moreover, a large number of the graduates of the department are now working in educational and administrative posts in major universities and libraries of the country.

Date: 1393/06/31
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