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Department of Nanotechnology Engineering

Nanotechnology is a discipline in applied science and technology which deals with designing materials, apparatuses and systems, producing and determining their properties and applications at the same time as controlling their sizes, shapes and properties in nanometer scales. Nanotechnology is regarded as new wave in the Industrial Revolution and due its interdisciplinary nature , nanotechnology deals with a wide range of sciences namely Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.
Considering the vital importance of this area in the development of science and technology, the Department of Nanotechnology was established in the Faculty of Modern Sciences and Technologies in 2009. This department, benefiting from five full-time faculty members specializing in Nanophysics and Nonomaterial , is admitting students to Master’s programs. Among the research areas of this department are the issues related to energy, batteries and fuel cells, designing and manufacturing sensors and electrochemical sensors to detect environmental pollutants and diseases, nanostructured coatings and thin films, electroceramics and soft magnetic materials.
Date: 1393/07/02
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