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Department of Energy Engineering
The growing demand for energy on the one hand and the environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels on the other hand, has diverted human’s attention to an optimal use of resources , particularly renewable resources. For example, using wind energy instead of fossil fuels can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced per MW to 33-59 tons. The vast country of Iran with an average number of 320 sunny days a year and a growing number of constructions can be a consumer of solar energy in the form of heat and electricity. The country’s industrial and economic condition is believed to improve substantially through educating qualified experts in the field of Energy Engineering. Pursuing these objectives the Department of Energy Engineering started its activities with admitting ten students to the subdiscipline of Renewable Energies in the first semester of the academic year of 2011-2012.
With regards to the two major concerns of the country, namely environment and water crisis and by adopting a pragmatic approach to these problems, the Department of Energy Engineering has set to domesticate the renewable energies technologies and to equip its laboratories by means of relying on the facilities and potentials of the department and its students in different areas. The department has managed to equip half of its laboratory and has undertaken projects from different sectors such as refineries, Asalouyeh, Shahid Montazery Power Plant, Gas Company and Municipality.
Date: 1393/07/02
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