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Department of Chemical Engineering
The Department of Chemical Engineering in the University of Isfahan started its activities in 1995 by admitting 31 BSc students. This program was established with the aim of training experts in different areas of Chemical Engineering namely designing processes in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Following the Scientific Development Perspective and with the aim of training experts who can fulfill the needs of educational centers and conduct researches to develop the industries across the country, this department has expanded the range of its activities by means of admitting students to MSc and PhD programs. Benefiting from experienced faculty members who are engaged in various educational, research and administrative duties, the department has managed to provide the country with a wide range of scientific and applied activities based on its needs. So far the findings of the department’s research projects have been published in prestigious national and international journals or presented in international scientific conferences. Moreover, the presence of various Centers of Excellence and research nuclei, different laboratory facilities as well as holding numerous conferences and workshops have turned the Department of Chemical Engineering in the University of Isfahan into one of the distinguished scientific centers of the country.
Date: 1393/07/07
Review: 1885
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