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Department of Geomatics Engineering
The Department of Geomatics started its activities in the Faculty of Engineering by admitting 36 students to an MSc program in 1988 and many students have graduated from the department ever since. The aim of the BSc program in Geomatics is to train experts who have both scientific knowledge and technical skills in dealing with precise quantitative, qualitative and real-time information about earth terrain which are often represented by means of different (visual, graphic and digital) maps. It is possible to pursue one’s studies at higher levels in different subdisciplines of Geoscience Engineering.
The department expanded its activities by launching a BSc program in the subdiscipline of Remote Sensing and also an MSc program in Geodesy in September 2008 and September 2009 respectively. The measures to obtain the required permissions for launching a PhD program have been taken and the request is under study in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology at the moment. To follow the University’s Development Plan, MSc programs in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Photogrammetry are going to be established provided that the relevant faculty members are employed.
Current Programs of the Department










Obtaining Permission
Remote Sensing


Obtaining Permission
 One of the requirements to establish the above-mentioned programs is being equipped with numerous laboratories. Laboratories of Photogrammetry, Geomatics Equipments, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems have been gradually equipped during the past years and are currently offering educational and research services. In addition, a permanent GPS station was established in the department in 2000. Permanent GPS stations are among the fundamental infrastructures in Geodetic and Geodynamic studies and also in building up RTK Networks. The Department of Geomatics in the University of Isfahan has been a pioneer among other universities across the country in this respect.
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