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Friday, November 22, 2019
University Chancellor
The Chancellor of the University of Isfahan, Dr. Hoshang Talebi Habib-Abadi, received a BSc in Statistics from the University of Shiraz in 1978. He obtained an MSc in Statistics from the University of Shiraz in 1983, and a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of California in 1990. According to the Universities Organizational Chart enacted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Higher Council of Cultural Revolution and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, all university affairs are to be administered by the University Chancellor and the relevant Vice Chancellors. University Chancellors are appointed for a period of four years following a recommendation issued by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and upon an approval granted by the Higher Council of Cultural Revolution. They are regarded as key figures in university decision-makings which are performed in accordance with the corresponding rules and regulations. Following are a selection of the University .
Date: 1393/07/20
Review: 1303
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