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Friday, November 22, 2019
Center of Information Technology and Communications
Dr.Mohammad-Reza Khayyambashi

Email Address: m.r.khayyambashi@eng.ui.ac.ir
Nowadays, the concept of Information Technology is taken synonymous with concepts like productivity, growth, knowledge-basedness, evolution and development. The University of Isfahan was one of the major prestigious scientific centers to employ the earliest realizations of this technology in the last years of the pre-Revolution Iran. A center called “The Computation Center of the University” was established which equipped the University with one of the earliest forms of computer systems known as “card punch” used as a mechanized system for inputting and processing some educational operations . This center was equipped with an IBM Mainframe: System/370 in 1988. In 2000, following the radical development of information technology across the world and within the country, the Computation Center of the University, undertaking a new set of missions to accomplish, was renamed Communication and Information Technology Center. The fiber optic network of University of Isfahan, which was one of the first modern and large-scale networks in the universities across the country, was established and launched in 2002. In the recent years, following the rapid development of the Internet, networks and applications, the center has expanded the scope, variety and quality of its services for the users across the University. Following is a summary of the center’s structure and responsibilities:
Center’s Structure and Responsibilities
The Computation and Information Technology Center is directed under the management of the director of the center with the cooperation of the Council of Information Technology of the University. The center consists of three units:
A- Network and Software Research and Development Unit
This unit aims at maintaining and continuing the process of scientific research into Information Technology in the center as well as developing, completing and localizing different exploitable applications in different levels and parts of the University. Therefore, the unit has undertaken the following responsibilities:
  • Analyzing, designing and writing the software needed by the University
  • Developing the infrastructure of the University network
  • Developing network services (Internet, email, the University website, etc.)
  • Supervising software development contracts
  • Preparing and implementing the project of software and information systems integration

B-Infrastructure and Network Unit
This unit aims at offering the current Information Technology services as well as maintaining the hardware, software and network systems of the University. Following is an outline of the responsibilities of this unit:

  • Supervising the purchase and maintenance of hardware and peripherals
  • Maintaining and managing the network infrastructure
  • Maintaining and managing subnetworks and offering services across faculties and University departments
  • Maintaining and managing network services (Internet, email, the University website, etc)
C- Training and Information Unit
Training, informing and culture-fostering play important roles in the development and success of information technology plans. Therefore, the Training and Information Unit, in addition to the above duties, is responsible for holding educational classes on Information Technology for different departments of the University. Following is an outline of the responsibilities of this unit:
  • Directing Students’ Central Computer Center
  • Providing practical educational services to courses in Basics of Computer
  • Designing and offering IT training courses for academics
  • Planning and presenting courses on raising awareness and fostering a culture of using information technology in the University
Date: 1393/07/28
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