Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology
University of Isfahan
July 23, 2024
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Office of Research Affairs

Dr. Mehdi Momeni

Email Address: momeni[at]
Personal Page address:
Responsibilities and Authorities
· Organizing the meetings of the University’s Council of Research and Technology as well as announcing and following-up the adopted resolutions
· Affairs related to research projects conducted within university
· Affairs related to University’s Centers of Excellence
· Following up, receiving and delivering Research Fellowships dedicated to PhD students by the Vice-President for Research and Technology
· Issuing PhD students with the Research Permissions required for defending their dissertations
· Affairs related to sabbatical leaves of faculty members
· Affairs related to the participation of faculty members in scientific circles outside the country
· Affairs related to dispatching faculty members abroad to participate in the research courses
· Planning and developing the University’s research bylaws, instructions ,style sheets and regulations and presenting them to the University’s Council for Research to be approved and implemented
· Affairs related to the procuring, estimating and announcing research credits and theses credits
· Monitoring the calculation of the faculty members’ research credits and theses credits
· Examining documentations and scientific works submitted by the faculty members and verifying them in Negin Pajuhesh System
· Handling the affairs related to the Research Week
· Holding orientation sessions for the newly-employed faculty members
· Announcing to faculties the research priorities of the Centers of Excellence and other requesting units
· Following up and dealing with the affairs related to post-doctoral research courses
· Following up and dealing with the affairs related to national and international sabbatical leaves of PhD students
· Following up and dealing with the affairs related to PhD students’ participation and article presentation in overseas scientific circles
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