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The University of Isfahan Holds a Virtual Meeting with Kazan Language Academy, Russia 2024/05/26
University of Isfahan Spearheads International Collaboration with INTI University, Malaysia 2024/05/13
Iran-Malaysia Winter School Commences in Isfahan 2024/03/09
University of Isfahan Co-organized Africa-Isfahan Scientific Collaboration Event to Bolster Global Partnerships 2023/12/26
University of Isfahan and Cultural Exchange with Turkmenistan: Specialized Literary and Historical Gathering - November 25, 2023 2023/11/28
Malaysian Higher Education Minister and University Presidents Visit the University of Isfahan 2023/10/29
the University of Isfahan demonstrated outstanding performance in the final stage of the Olympiad 2023/10/29
University of Isfahan Hosted the Candidates and Winners of the Mustafa Prize 2023/10/08
23 out of 33 journals of the University of Isfahan received international and A rank in the 2021 evaluation by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology 2023/09/26
The Fifth Mustafa (pbuh) Prize Award Ceremony to be Held in Isfahan 2023/09/18
University of Isfahan President: Robusting Diplomatic Ties through Scientific and Cultural Channels 2023/08/15
University of Isfahan Hosts Specialized Public Diplomatic Meeting with Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Professors 2023/08/15
Harnessing Science and Culture for Global Diplomacy: Insights from First International Congress on Nations Diplomacy at the University of Isfahan 2023/08/15
Ambassadors and Diplomats Explore the Rich Cultural Tapestry at the First International Congress of Nations Diplomacy Exhibition 2023/08/14
Postdoctoral Fellowship Announcement 2023-24 2023/07/01
University of Isfahan and UPM Malaysia intention to establish and develop joint scientific cooperation 2023/06/25
Appreciation of the selected students at the University of Isfahan in the Why I am Learning Russian competition 2023/06/25
UI students achieved brilliant results in the World Chinese Language Olympiad 2023/06/18
Success of Russian Language Students 2023/06/12
Topic: Iran action plan in the European UNITEL project: Lessons for the ECO Region. (Experiences of the University of Isfahan) 2023/01/15
University of Isfahan Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2022-2023 2022/07/19
The success of 7 Russian language students of the University of Isfahan in receiving the Russian state scholarship 2022/07/17
The second place of University of Isfahan in the 15th Cultural and Sports Olympiad of female students of Iran 2022/07/17
Scientific Diplomacy Supports Our Deep and Productive Relations with Romania; Romanian Delegation at University of Isfahan 2022/07/17
University of Isfahan: High ranked university in museum and document centers of Iran 2022/07/11
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