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Iran-Malaysia Winter School Commences in Isfahan

Iran Malaysia perform first winter School Commences in Isfahan for 3 days

Isfahan, March 9, 2024 — The first joint winter school, organized by Iranian and Malaysian academics, has officially commenced in the historic city of Isfahan. Running from March 7 to March 11, this collaborative initiative marks a significant milestone in educational and cultural exchange between the two nations.
During this inaugural winter school, 24 professors and students from Malaysia participated alongside their Iranian counterparts. The program aims to foster academic collaboration, enhance cross-cultural understanding, and strengthen ties between the universities of Iran and Malaysia.
On the third day of the Malaysian students’ visit to Isfahan, a captivating Cultural Night was organized by the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation at the University of Isfahan. This event provided a platform for dialogue, where Malaysian students expressed their satisfaction with participating in the winter school and engaged in discussions about Isfahan’s academic landscape.
Dr. Hersij, the President of the University of Isfahan, emphasized the importance of scientific diplomacy in international relations. He introduced the university’s capacities and highlighted the significance of academic collaboration for global development.
The Cultural Night featured a delightful blend of traditional Iranian music, cultural explanations by Dr. Algonneh (a faculty member from the Faculty of Literature and Humanities), musical performances, sports demonstrations, and poetry recitations by Malaysian students.
As part of the program, participants explored Isfahan’s rich cultural heritage, including visits to historical sites. The winter school, hosted by the University of Isfahan, aimed to foster international understanding and collaboration.
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